Researchers in the sciences of the Universe face many technological challenges: to capture weaker and weaker signals, to process larger amounts of data, to anticipate the technological evolutions for the next 20 years … Solving these issues requires to involve sometimes more than 1,000 researchers, working together while stimulating competition between laboratories.

The Endowment Fund, in the heart of this innovation ecosystem, supports research and international collaborations, which are the sources of sometimes puzzling but always stimulating discoveries.

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George SMOOT and Pierre BINETRUY will be happy to share their passion for the sciences of the Universe.

They may, in the format that suits you, present you with an overview of the latest discoveries, make you travel to the heart of the Universe, discuss what is coopetition or explain how researchers are innovating in new ways.

Find some public outreach talks from Pierre Binétruy (Treize Minutes: La Terre vue du ciel vu de la Terre) and George Smoot (Palais de Tokyo: Cosmological function of the art)

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You believe that tomorrow’s innovations feed on today’s research, support research conducted within the Paris Centre for Cosmological Physics!

“Nobel” Academy at APC 2013


  • Sponsor a student in Master 2 internship at PCCP
  • Finance a thesis on the sciences of the Universe
  • Support the research work of a post-PhD fellow over two years
  • Contribute to the PCCP research work.

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