Conferences – Research

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Geoge Smoot, Nobel Prize in Physics 2006, University Sorbonne Paris Cité Chair of Excellence, Chair of the Board of the Endowment Fund

Cosmology, Astrophysics:

  • Big-Bang, Cosmic Microwave Background, Galaxy, modern cosmology research
  • Gamma Ray Bursts, multi-messenger astronomy, cosmic rays

Broadcasting knowledge:

  • Teaching the Universe
  • Mapping the universe
  • The Origin of the Elements
  • Gamma Ray Bursts as lights in the Universe
  • Cosmological function of art
  • Introduction to cosmology, Modern Cosmology


Pierre Binétruy, professor at University Paris Diderot, general director of the Endowment Fund

Management, innovation:

  • Coo-petition, a management of major scientific projects between cooperation and competition
  • Very long term innovation and planning: the example of the space mission eLISA by 2030
  • Managing complexity in a space mission or a very large scientific experiment

Sciences of the Universe

  • The discovery of gravitational waves, the discovery of the century?
  • Observing the big-bang?
  • Traveling inside a black hole
  • The unbearable lightness of the void
  • Horizon issues