Sharing our understanding of the Universe

In a world that seems to us increasingly complex, it is notable that our understanding of the Universe at a large scale and its history since the Big Bang is progressing rapidly. We are convinced that this knowledge can be shared with the largest number, regardless of their culture, gender or level of education. We also believe that in a world saturated with information, allowing one to reflect with simple examples on fundamental questions raised by our understanding of the Universe, stimulates self esteem that each of us needs.

This is why the Endowment Fund developed several actions through a number of generous donors. The annual program “Teaching the Universe” trains high school teachers to the physics of the Universe. And the online course (MOOC) Gravity! which presents a wide audience with all aspects of the gravitational force, from the Big Bang to the recent discovery of gravitational waves, had a surprising success: it was attended by 90.000 learners from 104 countries.

But much more remains to be done: addressing more specifically high school students, developing women’s taste for sciences, strengthening our international visibility… To go further, we need your support.