Conferences / Activities

The planned activities for the period 2017-2018 are as follows:

  • Two-day annual workshops open to other artists and researchers

These workshops will broaden the approach to other researchers and other artists interested in the subject and the method. The idea is to keep a group not too large (no more than 40 people) to allow a real exchange. It would also be desirable for other artistic disciplinaries to be represented (dance, cinema, photograph, etc) as well as art historians, philosophers, curators and collectors.

  • A fifteen minute movie about the experience, broadcast widely, especially in the on-line course Gravity!

This movie will be created from the residencies in the laboratory during the first year. It will illustrate the process undertaken between scientists and artists, based on recordings of discussions, preexisting works of artists of which they think they have a link with the theme of the Gravitational Universe, space and time.

It is intended to be presented to the the largest number in order to show how a new domain can be explored by researchers and artists for a mutual enrichment.

We will use this movie in particular with the more than 95.000 people around the world who attended the on-line course Gravity!, with whom we keep a close contact.

  • A restitution conference at the end of the project, with exhibition and publication

This conference will give the opportunity to review the experience after two years. It will be open to other artists and scientifics, as well as to actors in the art world, and partially at least to the general public.

This conference will be completed by an exhibition that will illustrate two years of work. The exact content of the exhibit is difficult to specify today since it depends on how the approach will be carried out in practice. However, a coherent set of of sketches, models, blackboards, films, physics plots, numerical simulations, as well as existing art works by participant artists that would take a new dimention in the proposed framework, could be envisaged.

Finally, a publication will complete this restitution. This may be conference proceedings, or the catalog of the exhibition. It is mainly intended here to keep concrete traces of this experiment.