Welcome to the website of the Endowment Fund  Physics of the Universe!


The Endowment Fund was established in 2010 with the arrival of George SMOOT in Paris to support the activities of the Paris Centre for Cosmological Physics.

George F. Smoot Chair



The Fund aims at:

  • Developing research in physics of the Universe, by funding master scholarships, doctoral and post-doctoral fellowships, and by co-financing research projects
  • Sharing scientific knowledge in the field of cosmology and astroparticle, in particular with youth, teachers and the general public
  • Strengthening ties between artists and researchers.


Pierre Binétruy Director



Letizia Reuss, Chair of the Ambassador Circle



  • “Join us to support the exciting projects of Professor George Smoot and Professor Pierre Binétruy as well as the entire team of the Paris Centre for Cosmological Physics.
  • Support extraordinary scientific ventures at the frontier of knowledge and cutting edge technologies, help a large community of teachers and learners, neophytes of all ages, to share the excitement of this exploration.
  • And allow scientists and artists to exchange their views, to debate on how to embrace the Universe and its mysteries, a creative dialogue close to my heart.”