Endowment Fund presentation

The Endowment fund has been created by Paris Diderot University on April 13th 2010 when George Smoot, Nobel Laureate in Physics, arrived in Paris to support the activities of the Paris Centre for Cosmological Physics (federation of Paris laboratories specialized in the physics of the universe). The Endowment Fund was originally created for ten years under registration to Prefecture of Paris published in Journal Officiel #01270 on May 15th 2010 (SIREN 794 976 043).

 The Endowment Fund aims at supporting the activities of the Paris Centre for Cosmological Research. Its main purpose is to:

  • Develop the research in the Physics of the Universe through Master Grants, Doctoral Grants and Post-Doctoral Grants and through financial support to research projects and high-level scientific conferences;
  • Spread the scientific knowledge in the fields of cosmology and astroparticles, especially through science popularization actions toward young public, teachers and general public;
  • Create more links between artists and researchers. The Endowment fund is chaired by George Smoot and his chief executive is Pierre Binétruy, professor at Paris Diderot University.

You can download a flyer with our activities here.


The RFPU Endowment Fund is administered by a board of directors composed of 8 members, divided into two colleges. It is chaired by Mr. George F. Smoot.

Members of the Board of Directors:

College of five founding members:

  • M. George F. Smoot
  • M. Antoine Kouchner
  • Mme Christine Clérici
  • M. Fabien Casse
  • M. Matteo Barsuglia

Collège de three qualified personalities:

  • M. Pierre Fayet
  • Mme Irène Jacob
  • M. Federico Musi

Bureau :

  • George Smoot, Chair
  • Antoine Kouchner, General Director
  • Fabien Casse, treasurer

Legal and financial documents


The statutes : Statuts Fonds de Dotation RFPU (Original)

The 2020 annual report : Rapport Financier_Activité 2020

The 2020 annual accounts : RFPU Bilan 2020

Legal notice

Fonds de Dotation RFPU – Physique de l’Univers

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  • Phone : 0157277089
  • Email : univers@apc.univ-paris-diderot.fr

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