Major donors

The physics of the Universe is the foundation of a universal scientific culture. Through its concepts that question the common sense, it stimulates exchanges, discussions and reflections.

The Endowment Fund leaders are deeply convinced that, despite its extreme complexity, the physics of the Universe is open to all people and its largest dissemination contributes to the development of the  society of knowledge.

MOOC: communicating knowledge to a large public

  You think the teaching of sciences of the Universe must be within the reach of all, that the vocations of the students should be encouraged, that the learning of sciences is a fantastic tool for the development of our societies, then contribute to the realization of new MOOCs.

Find the detailled programmes of the Mooc Gravity! on Futurelearn and the Mooc Gravité! on France Université Numérique.

Arts and Sciences

Attila Csorgo: Squring the Circle

You are passionate about science AND art,

you are convinced that both can learn from each other,

so participate in the programme of artist residencies

at the Paris Centre for Cosmological Physics

Let us meet!

You wish to share your passion with the members of your circle, meet us!

Pierre BINETRUY and George SMOOT will be happy to share their passion for the sciences of the Universe.

They may, in the format that suits you, give you an overview of the latest discoveries, make you travel to the heart of the Universe or uncover for you the secrets of a space mission.

Support research programmes!

You believe that tomorrow’s innovations feed on today’s research, support research conducted within the Paris Centre for Cosmological Physics!

“Nobels” Academy at APC 2013

  • Sponsor a student in Master 2 internship at PCCP
  • Finance a thesis in the sciences of the Universe
  • Support the research work of a post-PhD fellow over two years
  • Sponsor the conference “Cosmological Frontiers in Fundamental Physics”
  • Contribute to the PCCP research work.

You wish to meet us to discuss how to support our actions, contact us.